Sanity Found in Norwegian Politics as Progress Party Refuses to Aid Palestinian Hate Propaganda…….

Turning off the money spicket
to Fakestinian anti-Semitism

“Sylvi Listhaug in Progress believes that it is reprehensible that the Norwegian Krone tax money will be given to what she calls ….. Palestinian hate propaganda.” But guess what, that’s exactly what it is!Thanks to Norway Israel and the Jews blog for alerting the Tundra Tabloids to this translated article, which shows signs of intelligent life still left in Norway. KGS

NIJ blog: “From the daily Vårt Land (Our Country), by Lise Marit Kalstad, on August 26th. Notice how Hansen (Christian Democrats) first accuses the Progress Party of being ignorant, then at the end comes around and is in agreement with the salient point – improved financial controls are required for development aid to work as intended.”

The Progress Party will release its’ 100-days program on Saturday. If the Progress Party participates in forming government after this autumn’s election, the first 100 days will among other be used to reduce support to the Palestinian Authorities.

– Norwegian taxpayers are not to pay for Palestinian hate-propaganda, says Sylvi Listhaug in the Progress Party.

Supported by report: Total Norwegian development aid to the Palestinians Territories will in 2009 amount to NOK 816 million. According to the Foreign Department NOK 233 million of this will go to Palestinian authorities.

The Progress Party believes the NOK 233 million to a significant extent, are used to publish school textbooks and childrens television programmes containing anti-Semitic messsages.

Palestinian children are brought up to believe that jews are dangerous and to hate Israel. The Progress Party will contribute to peace, not to more conflicts, says Listhaug.

– How can you be so certain the money is used for propaganda?

– We have read several reports which show that corruption is widespread when it comes to precisely this aid. Reports from among other Palestinian Media Watch show that it is impossible to know what the money is used for. Other reports have also showed that the money in fact is spent on propaganda with a clear anti-jewish message. It is evident that this happens, says Listhaug.

– But if the Progress Party slashes the NOK 233, do you not also risk removing support to important issues, such as the construction of infrastructure?

– It is correct that we cannot know for certain that all the money goes to corruption and propaganda. But it is not that the Progress Party wants to reduce all forms of aid to the Palestinian Autonous areas, we only desire improved control over what the money is used for.

– How much will you give?

– I cannot specify a precise figure now, that will have to be set in the budget. But the Progress Party will ensure that the money goes to the UN or to NGOs where the aid does not end up in corruption or propaganda.

Not “christian-voter move”: The Progress Party believes that Mahmoud Abbas in the PA controls the propaganda. According to the party a report from Palestinian Media Watch of 22. oktober 2008 shows that both Hamas and Fatah spread anti-semite messages. Because the TV broadcasts are controlled from the top tiers, this implies that Abbas is in control of the propaganda, the Progress Party claims.

– Is this a move to appeal to christian voters?

– Many christians are engaged by this issue, but so are many other groups of voters. We find it completely reprehensible that Norwegian taxmoney is spent on Palestinian and Israel-hostile propaganda, and I think that many other agree.

Not impressed: Deputy leader Inger Lise Hansen in the Norwegian Christian Democrats is not particularly impressed over the Middle East policies of the Progress Party. She believes a reduction of aid to the Palestinian territories will make the situation go from bad to worse.

– It is improbable that all of the NOK 233 million goes to propaganda. The development aid is also used to improve living conditions for all the palestinians who live in poverty. By removing this support, one only worsens the situation for Palestinians, says Hansen.

Wants to improve control: She believes the Progress Party’s 100-day programme will contribute to create more conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. – It is acutely necessary to improve living conditions for Palestinians if one wants to achieve peace in the Middle East. Norway is to work for peace, not to increase the conflict level. This suggestion just illustrates how ignorant the Progress party is. [TT: NO, is shows just how much of a dhimmi tool girl Hansen is]
Hansen yet agrees with Sylvi Listhaug of the Progress Party in that it is necessary to improve controlership of the development aid.[TT: HAHAHAHA, she isn’t very smart either, “Progress Party is wrong about aid going to fund anti-Semitism but it’s right that the mishandled funds need to be better monitored”….duh.]– I am not defending hate propaganda, and I am not saying that it does not occur. We will be better of with an improved control of the funds. But it is important to remember that the majority of the Palestinians desire to live peaceful lives. [TT: Please show proof that the majority of the fakestinians want to live peaceful lives…..with a Jewish state, believing that such sentiment actually exists, is not the same as proving that it does exist.]

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