Dhimmitude Michael Totten Yale

Michael Totten Believes Everyone Should Go Light on Yale-Lite…….

Yale’s cowering before Islam
gets praise from Totten


What’s a little cowering in comparison to
stirring up an Islamic hornet’s nest?

Well Michael, if that’s your response to Yale University Press’ foolhardy decision to not republish the dreaded pics of Mo, in a book titled: “The Cartoons That Shook the World,” then when does the buffoonery end?

Using Totten’s line of thinking as a guideline for future relations between the Judeo-Christian and Muslim world, the Ideology of Perpetual Outrage (IPO) will be in the sole position of defining for the rest of us, like the dutiful dhimmis they want us to be, what is permissible and what is not permissible.”

Tell the Tundra Tabloids how this acceptable form of cowering, differs from that of the Organization of the Islamic Conference’s stated goals and positions? Totten is behaving like a dhimmi minority in the nightmare called Hamastan, Ramallah, or in the areas under Taliban control in Pakistan. What a maroon.

For anyone interested, read Diana West’s opinions on it, or Andy Bostom’s. Such behaviour that the IPO is known to exhibit at a drop of a hat, shouldn’t be rewarded by censorship of our own texts, books, movies and art. They, the IPO will always find an excuse to rant and vent their rage at some perceived slight or insult.

The Finns did just that only days after the Mo-toons went viral, with the Finnish publishing house Gummerus changing the cover on a book about Mohamed’s life (yes, some do believe he actually existed). The publishing house chickened out, and removed the picture and replaced it with an Islamic text.

Finns that lack SISU have a tendency to behave like dhimmis. KGS

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  1. Haha!

    Rotten Totten was never where its at.

    Just proves that mindless travel is not educational. Tottens Balkan whitewash may be enthusiastically promoted by the little green turds (or Lizard worshipers) but doesn't hold up to scrutiny. The eager little beaver would do himself a great favor to do some close reading. Bostom, Bat Yeor, Robert Spencer and Fitzgerald could cure his kumbaya allures, but the Tottens and the Johansons of this world are complacent enough to soil themselves with ignorance and smearing others.

  2. Should understand What does Prophet means. The more violent you are, the more Prophet you are? Well, yes, not Eveyone is a Prophet, while – thanks God – not Everyone feels like being violent toward Others. And here we are: our Western Culture should better be described as "Helleno-christian Culture", because this included the Philosophy (and Everything else) of Ancient Greece and the Christian Religion (Jesus was a Jewish), with its past and present Reality, and above all its Way of thinking about Prophets (holy People, not Criminals). As Helleno-Christian Person, I refuse to consider Muhammad a Prophet, and I encourage Academies to teach the bloody History of Muhammad and his Followers, and to point out the Differences between him and our Greek Prophets and Judeo-Christian ones: where Muhammad practiced Taqyyia, our Culture stressed on the Importance of Honesty, where Muhammad practiced Murdering, our Culture displayed true Martyrs, where Muhammad forbad Reasoning, our Culture encouraged Reasoning, …. Kindest Regards and thank you for your Informative Job and your Engagement! Hopefully the Light and Love of our Culture and Civilization will be preserved thanks to Reporters like you.

  3. Hi Sheik Yer'Mami… there is nothing more left to add to what you wrote, you're absolutley right.

    I used to read his reports up until the time he showed just how much of an ignoramus he is about Islam.

    The man does far more harm than good, making the annual *blog awards* akin to a Jimmy Carter winning the Nobel oeace prize. It's lost its appeal ever since Totten won the award for Middle East blogging two years in a row.

    It shows just how popular being misinformed actually is in the blogosphere.

  4. Thanks Persia, much appreciated. You offer a truck load of good insight and wisdom, too bad "Tooten Totten" gets wide coverage, and not you. We need to reverse this.

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