Islamic Pyhsics: Water Molecules Prove Koran

From the
“you can’t make this crap up”

The Tundra Tabloids laughs….hard
Oh how the try to make the ludicrous plausible, BWHAHAHAHAScientists in Japan microscopically confirmed islam is the correct religion“Please study and embrace islam to win Paradise. As you can see in this wonderful video from Egyptian national TV studio the seated scientist from Japan presented his findings of the effect of the holy Quran islam and the islamic prayer call (the athan) on water molecules under electron microscopy. The egyptian scientist B.sc.Ms.Ph.D explained the water molecules took beautifull shapes everytime they are exposed to air vibrations from reading the holy Quran or saying the word islam or the muslim call to prayer the athan. The scientist added because water constitute 70% of our body this makes us happy and explains the feeling of happiness after people embrace islam and worship Allah. Please watch read the holy Quran and embrace islam.”

NOTE: The more they (Islamic apologists) open their mouths, from the supposed learned to the street mob….the better. They are the best anti-Islam remedy ever invented. KGS

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