Finnish Newspaper Helsingin Sanomat: Israel Blamed For Shooting Civilians With White Flag…….

The Helsingin Sanomat believes it sees
clearly through the “Fog of War”

HS: So what if the charges are unsupported by credible evidence
It’s a Palestinian making the claim that counts!

UPDATE: Author of HRW report approved of the Munich massacre. Joe Stork is a radical Leftist and extremely anti-Israel. This proves the TT was correct in its judgement of the reports validity.The Tundra Tabloids alerted its readers to a press conference by the Israeli MFA concerning an extensive report it released about the military operation in Gaza this year, Cast Lead. If anyone took the time to view the conference or read the report the press conference was discussing, would know that Israel is indeed taking every accusation of wrong doing by its soldiers seriously.There have been 13 cases thus far, that have led to a verdicts against IDF soldiers who were convicted of wrong doings, that’s not in dispute. It’s wrong however, for the media to take it for granted that every charge leveled at the IDF, by Palestinians who have something to gain from it, as well as from these human rights groups like Human Rights Watch and similar NGO:s, who have highly biased agendas,….is valid.Left out of the subscription only article by Jukka Huusko, was the fact that Human Rights Watch which authored the report Huusko was writing about, had recently raised money for its organization in Saudi Arabia. This all of course raises doubts about its impartiality, but as David Bernstein points out, ” is not that HRW is pro-Saudi, but that it is maniacally anti-Israel.”The same can be said about the Helsingin Sanomat, which is reflected in the way Huusko wrote his report, “Israel kertoi omassa raportissaan tutkivansa noin sataa tapausta sotilaidensa väitetyistä rikkomuksista Gazassa. Näistä kolmestatoista oli käynnistetty rikostutkinta. Israelin omassa selvityksessä on mukana kaksi tapausta, jotka löytyvät myös HRW:n raportista. ” / Israel said in its report that its investigating hundreds of reports in which there are about a hundred cases of soldiers being charged with crimes in Gaza. In Israel’s own investigations there were two incidents that were also found in HRW’s own report.“What Huusko leaves out of course, is that any complaint, whether it’s from an Arab or a Jew, has to be taken seriously by the IDF. But that doesn’t mean just because claims are made, it automatically makes them into accurate accounts. The HS article is hyping the HRW report as factual, just because two of the cases the IDF investigated were in a HRW report went to court, what about the rest that didn’t go to court? HRW’s report if full of claims, and any reasonable minded person can conclude that many are not factual. But it all makes a very good headline though doesn’t it? HS:”Israel blamed for shooting civilians in Gaza who were waiving a white flag“. The familiar defence of course if that Huusko is just reporting what others are saying, so he can’t be blamed for any bias. But if that were so, we would see a detailed reports about the lengths Israel’s IDF went to prevent any civilian casualties in spite of the dangers such a policy posed to Israeli troops. We would be witness to an interesting report about how Hamas and ilk used their own civilians as human shields, and hid amongst the civilian population, as well as hiding out in a Finnish funded medical center, and then firing upon IDF troops which resulted in return fire and a demolished building. Thanks to media outlets like the Helsingin Sanomat, Israel still remains condemned for its soldiers’ return fire, not the Hamas Nazis who commandeered it in the first place. KGS
This is what they do.

Hamas terrorist uses a kid to cross the street.


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