UK: Politicians Outraged over Nazi Licence Plate……!

Oh the horror of it all!

UK councillors all in a lather
over NA51 ZCY licence plate
Pamela Geller over at Atlas Shrugs had it right: “If everything is racism, than nothing is. It has lost its power. The more they pull this evil trick, the more folks will shrug.”
This new knee jerk reaction from the Left comes at a price, it dulls their senses to real nazism when it stares them in the face. The Leftist-Islamonazism nexus is there for all to see, with well know Leftist illuminaries declaring that they are “all Hezbollah now“. This newest outburst of stupidity is at its lowest level yet. KGS
Cr Leppert insisted that it was not a personalised number plate.’I needed to buy a car in a hurry a couple of years ago and found one for sale online. ‘The number plate was blacked out so it wasn’t until I arrived to pay that I saw it.’
He said had he known, he ‘probably would never have bought it’. ‘I am planning to sell the car now as the other councillors seem to want to make a political point. I find that pretty cheap,’ Cr Leppert told the Daily Mirror.
But opposition councillor Veronica Cole was not impressed. ‘When I first saw the number plate on his car I couldn’t believe my eyes. It is sickening and appalling,’ she told the newspaper. The 42-year-old postman from Loughton, Essex, joined the BNP in 2003. He was later elected to represent Hainault ward on Redbridge Council.
In 2004 he stood as the party’s London Mayoral candidate against Ken Livingstone. He said in a speech: ‘I don’t care about being called names or being called politically incorrect. I have to stand up and tell the truth because my country is at stake.’

NOTE: N = North A = Newcastle 51 = Year 2001

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