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Former Finnish Greens Spokesman Admits Greens are Socialists…….

He finally admits it!
Osmo Soininvaara:
I’m a socialist and I’m ok…
I love to involve government
in peoples’ lives in every way…

H/T Kumitonttu

I’m sure everyone has heard the line that Greens are “watermelon socialists, green on the outside, and red on the inside.” Well Finnish commentor and Tundra Tabloids friend, Kumitonttu, informs me that Former Greens Spokesman, Osmo Soininvaara, the same guy who said that:
If one gets an exceptional permission to marry an 11-year-old girl in Finland, then having sex with her is OK according to the Finnish legislation, too.”

…has now come to admit that the recent results from the Euro elections in Finland, show that the Greens are in fact a party of the Left.

Osmo Soinivaara:Eurovaalien merkittävin tulos oli perinteisen vasemmiston alamäki ja vihreiden nousu monin paikoin konservatiivien vastavoimaksi.¨
The main result of the last elections for the European Parliament is the misery of the traditional leftist parties and respectively, the rise of the Greens as a counterpart for the conservatives.
But that’s not all, he goes on further to describe what is tradtionally known as (but isn’t) the far-Right wing, as being a product of the Left. This is the first time that the Tundra Tabloids has seen a socialist politician admitting the obvious, who have been up until now, all to pleased in villifying the Right-Wing for Nazism and Fascism, when all along it was the Left that gave birth to those movements.
Check out this former hardline politician who has racist views but cleary defines himself as a product of the Left…and then the Finnish media then casts him as a hard Right-winger. The media (read= the Left) simply doesn’t know what to do with the likes of Olavi Mäenpää.

Soininvaara continues:

Populisteja on kutsuttu äärioikeistoksi, mutta retoriikaltaan he ovat vasemmistolaisia.

The populistis speech is usually defined as right-wing extremism, but it is actually leftist rhetorics.

Populistiset liikkeet vetävät työttömyyden uhkaamia duunareita ja kurjistuvaa maaseutua kuten 1930-luvullakin. Myös maahanmuuton ja erityisesti islamilaisuuden vastaisuus vetää äänestäjiä. Maahanmuuttoon myönteisesti suhtautuvien on lähdettävä keskusteluun mukaan myöntäen ongelmat, sillä moni kokee aidosti maahanmuuton uhkasi.

“Populist movements attract the workers living under the uncertainty of their jobs as well as the people in the country side whose economical situation gets worse all the time – the case is identical to the 1930’s. Opposing immigration and especially Islamization attracts the voters. Those who stand for immigration must join the debate and admit the problems there really are, because many feel the immigration as a threat.”

Vihreillä ei ole syytä vahingoniloon demareiden ahdingon vuoksi. Demarit ovat olleet vihreiden tärkeimpiä liittolaisia.

“The Greens must not rejoice over the defeat of the social-democrats. They have historically been the main allies for the Greens.”

Moni on blogillani sanonut, että nuorille kaupunkilaisille on vain kaksi puoluetta, kokoomus ja vihreät. Jos demarit yhä kuihtuvat ja vihreät kasvavat, meidän on otettava aivan uudenlainen rooli politiikassa ja valmistauduttava aivan uudenlaiseen vastuuseen. Vastuu oikeudenmukaisuudesta on silloin meillä.

“Many have wrote in the comments section of my blog that for young urban people there are just two parties; the conservatives and the Greens. If the social-democrats keep shrinking and the Greens keep growing, we have to take a whole new role in the politics and be prepared to a completely new kind of political responsibility. The responsibility of justice is the for us.”

In other words, with the demise of the Social Democrats and other hard Left parties, the Greens will enjoy a swelling of their ranks with these other socialists. I can’t think of any better anlaysis to explain the Greens’ philosophical roots, as well as their relationship between the fellow red Socialist and Fascist comrades. KGS

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  1. Olavi Mäenpää's interview is just lovely. He first marks the position of his party on the left and mentions something about the working man at the same time. Then a minute later, the interviewer asks why, because his topic "sounds like it was right-wing extremist". What a great catch the video from you, really!

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