Even Kafir Muslims Are Cashing In On The Litigation Jihad…….

‘Chaste’ Muslim Whiner Scams British
Court For £3000, She Ain’t so Chaste After all

Bosnian Muslim Fata Lemes:
“I was brought up a Muslim and am not
used to wearing sexually attractive clothes.”Hey, it’s not just pious Muslims waging jihad battles in the court system, it’s also not-so-pious Muslims getting in on the action as well! While the stealth jihadists’ agenda is to push sharia down our Western throats, totally secularized Muslims (like those who take jobs as cocktail waitresses) want to get in on the action as well, and use the ” discriminated while being Muslim” shtick in order to scam the system.As long as the stealth Jihad is successful in waging its campaign of litigation warfare against the clueless, bleeding heart morons in the West, scam artists like Fata Lemes will be inspired to use their Muslim background as a means to enrich themselves. I bet that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully the next time a Muslim comes whining to the courts, Lemes’ gross misuse of the system will be fresh on the judges’ minds. KGS£3,000 for Muslim cocktail waitress who had to work in ‘sexy’ dress
(but who didn’t mind appearing on Facebook wearing a skimpy top)

A Muslim cocktail waitress who quit after refusing to wear a ‘sexy’ dress has won almost £3,000 in compensation for sexual harassment. A tribunal accepted that Fata Lemes genuinely believed that the short, lowcut red dress was ‘disgusting’ and made her look ‘like a prostitute’. But the panel rejected her claim that it was ‘sexually revealing and indecent’. Her compensation claim of £20,000 – including £17,500 for hurt feelings – was branded ‘manifestly absurd’. Miss Lemes told London Central Employment Tribunal that she ‘might as well be naked’ in the dress, adding: ‘I was brought up a Muslim and am not used to wearing sexually attractive clothes.’ However, a photo on the Facebook social networking site shows her wearing a lowcut T-shirt. She was awarded £2,919.95 for hurt feelings and loss of earnings. It is not known whether the panel saw the Facebook photo before making their judgment. The tribunal panel ruled that bosses at Rocket bar and restaurant in Mayfair should have made allowance for her feelings and their insistence that she wear the dress amounted to sexual harassment.

Bosnian Muslim scam artist
Fata Lemes
Oh how disgusting am I!YEP, you really are. KGS

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