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Left-wing Students in Hebrew University Give Nazi Salute…….

More than likely the Leftists were making a political statement towards their fellow classmates at the university, but it was in very poor taste, and all the more bizarre since it took place at an Israeli university. The Tundra Tabloids saw the same salute given by an Muslim during a pro-Israel rally in Helsinki during the war with Lebanon in 2006. Hard to say though, whether the Arab was really calling the pro-Israel crowd a bunch of fascists, or whether he was indicating his desire for the completion of the final solution. KGS

A student organization that promotes Zionism on campus is fuming after its members were given the Nazi salute by left-wing students during student elections at the Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus campus last week.

Members of the Im Tirtzu (If You Will It) group said that as they made their rounds on last Tuesday, singing songs and waving the national flag, a member of another student organization – Campus L’kulanu (Campus For All) – approached them and made the stiff-arm Nazi salute as they passed.

“We were walking by, singing songs like “Am Yisrael Hai” and “Yerushalaim Shel Zahav,” and she stood nearby making the salute,” said Amit Barak, the deputy director of Im Tirtzu, who sent a letter concerning the incident to the university’s President Menachem Magidor and a number of Knesset members.

“Later in the day, another member of their group did the same thing,” Barak said. “He approached us and made the salute – it was shocking, and a lot of other students, who aren’t members of either organization, where looking on in horror.”

“Later on, other members of their group also tried to block our path as we were walking,” he continued. “It was all very provocative, and I could tell they were trying to provoke a violent reaction.”

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  1. You know what's the difference between Israel (not the Western Europe, as here it wasn't possible anymore) and let's say Syria. If you want to make a nazi-salute in Israel, you won't get arrested. You wear yourself in Israel flag in Syria and you lose your life. Isn't it simple. It's easy to be a Syrian; a decent citizen really knows what is allowed and more – what is according to nation's ethics. It's far more difficult in Israel. A poor citizen must himself decide such things. No wonder why commies wanna make a rule for everything. A working man has no brains to judge such difficult matters himself, you know.

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