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London Gaza Protest Riots…….

It’s why we call them Islamofascits. And don’t be fooled, the TT believes ten-to-one that there are anti-Fascists there as well, helping to sow mayhem with their Islamofascist buddies. Just kick back and watch what’s in store for a neighborhood near you, if Islamization of the west continues. KGS

Islamofascist in the vid (2:40): “We want them to expel the Israeli ambassador, they’re protecting him, and that’s why this is kicking up

UPDATE: Europe News sends the TT the following links to more videos it has up on the rioting in London and in Köln Germany.

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  1. I saw the video over at Atlas Shrugs, and I could have predicted the soundtrack before I started to play it.

    Also, the islamofascist’s comments were to be expected, as was the self-justification of the ‘revolutionary’ white boy spouting its rhetoric. But really, its all about intimidation and testosterone, seeing how far they can go and if they will suffer a backlash.

    The danger is, of course, with the narcissitic, self-promoting culture that the likes of YouTube encourages, is that the disaffected ‘white trash’ on the multicult fault lines will want in on some of the attention and status too. Mobile phone footage of ‘Paki bashing’ and such like could well be the next manifestation of this Kampfzeit sweeping through some of the UK’s cities.

    The social cohesion industry is going to have its hands full over here, that’s for sure.

  2. Well said crows nest, when the truth is told, we in the Counterjihad are the best thing going for the non-violent-modernist Muslims.

  3. KGS,

    thank you, and you’re correct, but I must add that the left is actually ‘their’ worst enemy, given that the left is merely using ‘them’ as a proxy in its ideological war with ‘imperialism’.

    When ‘they’ go out of fashion, the left will drop ‘them’ like last seasons’ must-have.

  4. You hit the nail on the head and the ball out of the park with that one. KGS

  5. why didt the police use water cannons on these retards or tear gas/pepper spray?

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