Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Stone Throwing in Hebron, Jews Living in the Area Fight Back…….

It’s something that Arabs and many Europeans don’t like to see, Jews fighting to defend themselves. The helpless weak Jew is a more palatable sight, hence all the public crying and hand wringing by the Leftists over dead Jews from the Holocaust, but vein popping rage when Jews stiffen the spine and fight back.

Baron Bodissey sent me the URL link to this story, here, and I must admit, when it comes to violence, some Jews living in the traditional land of their forefathers, do have the propensity for violence. But I must also admit that it does feel good to see tradtional victims stand up and just fight back, with the same weapons that the Palestinians have used against them. Rocks. KGS

J’lem Post: A fragile calm appeared to have returned to Hebron on Tuesday afternooon, after Palestinians and settlers clashed earlier in the day. An Israeli youth, who was hit in the head by a rock, was seriously injured in the scuffles. Some 1,500 right-wing activists had poured into the city Monday night on the heels of rumors that the police was preparing to evacuate Beit Hashalom.


IDF troops located the house that served the Palestinian stone-throwers and broke into it. Earlier, soldiers were trying to disperse the rioters, most of whom were teenagers, with tear gas and stun grenades and two settlers were arrested for allegedly hurling rocks at Palestinians. The wounded youth, 16, was administered initial care by an MDA team and later evacuated to the Hadassa Ein-Karem Hospital.

Sources within the Jewish community of Hebron squarely placed responsibility for the incident on the army and police, who, they said, “are exhibiting powerlessness in dealing with Arab rioters who are throwing cinder blocks from the rooftops.”

NOTE: The TT does not however, support lawless incitment to violence.

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