Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Obama-Gate US politics

Former Obama Chief Foreign Policy Adviser Supports Armed Invasion of Israel…….

Just how deep does this rabbit hole go? Former foreign policy advisor, Samantha Power, who was let go only because (via Atlas Shrugs) of a “caustic comment she made about Hillary Clinton“, lets the mask slip on where she stands on Israel.
For those of you who don’t anything about the woman, Samantha Power, she is the person who caught the eye of the Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama, because he valued her analysis and views on foreign politics. But Power is also a hard Left radical activist and a rabid Israel-hater, that finds it completely acceptable to compare the democratic Jewish state of Israel …to Rwanda.
This woman typifies the kind of people that Barack Obama surrounds himself with, which only goes to further undermine his entire image of being a “friend of Israel”. With such friends like Power and Obama, who needs enemies? KGS

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