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Israel: Hezbollah Dramatically Increases Rocket Range…….

Brought to you by: the EU inspired UNSC 1701, which turned out to be nothing more than a badly flawed ceasefire plan, with a toothless “beefed down” UNIFIL force that would ensure the steady flow of weapons flowing into Lebanon from Iran via the weapons weigh station called Syria. The TT has warned repeatedly that this would happen.

J’lem Post: “Senior defense officials say Hizbullah has dramatically increased its rocket range and now threatens most of Israel. The officials said the Lebanese group has acquired new Iranian rockets with a range of around 300 kilometers. That means they can hit anywhere in Israel’s heavily populated center and reach as far as Dimona, where Israel’s nuclear reactor is located.”

UNSCR 1701 has simply done nothing to change the status quo. Though the Hezbollah will not be starting anything new with Israel, due to its focus -for the time being- with domestic Lebanese issues, the threat for future hostilities against Israel increases with each days passing. UNSCR 1701 should have been the catalyst to bring full sovereignty for the Lebanese government over all of Lebanon, but instead it became just another cease fire -in a very long line of cease fires- that it was warned to become if the UNFIL forces were not given a wider mandate.

So it’s back to square one with the Iranians upping the ante with longer range missiles replacing the ones launched during the war against Israel. The UN has once again aided and abetted the enemies of Israel, while they all pat each other on the back and agree with each other on what a swell job they did in ending the fighting. All they managed to do was to set the stage for a another round of fighting once the Hezbollah succeeds in regrouping its domestic clout, and that’s nothing to be cheering about. More here. *L* KGS

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