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OIC Whiners Renew Call to Stop Wilders’ Fitna Film…….

The Organization of the “Professional Whining” Islamic Conference is still crying for censorship of the dreaded Geert wilders film about the Qur’an, Fitna.

“We must not allow freedom of speech to be used as a cover to insult religion,” said Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, secretary-general of the OIC, speaking on the sidelines of a high-profile three-day dialogue between Japan and the Islamic world, which concluded yesterday.

“I must say that there is a positive development between the OIC and the Dutch government and we look forward to new steps by the Netherlands to stop the screening of this film,” he added.”

An obvious example of the Islamic world’s disconnect over the understanding of what free speech is all about. Freedom of speech means the right to insult, offend and openly display dissenting opinions no matter how distasteful. The moment the free West begins to police the minds of its citizens, is the day our democratic liberties are straight jacketed and our civil liberties endangered.

What these Middle Eastern/Muslim crybabies are actually demanding is the subjugation of the West to Islamic ideals and value systems. Western societies have mechanisms in place that safeguard the individual from personal slander, but there is nothing (neither should there be) to safeguard the individual, ideals, ideologies and value systems from ridicule, insult or from being “offended”.

Like it or not, the Islamic world is being introduced to the real world where ideas, ideologies and opinions are openly challenged, and then countered with opposing logic. Those who propose censorship in order to silence the critics, are those who are afraid that their positions cannot stand the challenge of free, independent thought. Welcome to the adult world, and rise to the challenge… if you can. More here. *L* KGS

Source: Wilders News

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