Sultan Knish

If We Could Talk to The Terrorists…….

From the Sultan Knish:

“Meanwhile the war goes on. The rockets continue to fall in Israel and across America and Europe hidden terrorist cells continue burrowing under the surface of the nation. The war goes on in Afghanistan and in Iraq and in less clear and obvious places.

Until victory comes the war always goes on and we must never forget, but sometimes we must unload the burden of the present for the memory of the past or the hope for the future or simply the joy of the moment in the knowledge that we are alive, that our loved ones are still with us, that our nations are great and prosperous and that these are the roots of our nature and the things for which we fight for.

And when that’s done there’s not hing to bring a smile out like mocking some of our enemies.

The Tundra Tabloids whole heartedly agrees with the Sultan. *L* KGS

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