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Al-Reuters For a Reason…….

The reason why the international news wire service, Reuters, receives such a steady drubbing by those of us in the blogosphere where its Middle East reporting is concerned, is due to the news agency’s outright bias against Israel. Here is another classic example of such bias, so bad in fact, it’s downright laughable when first viewed.
Honest Reporting has the following full report about the dubious publication of the highly anti-Israel blog post over at Al-Reuters. Actually, the source for the post highlights Al-Reuters’ questionable journalistic ethics in its general coverage of the conflict between Israel and the Arabs.
The agenda of the International Middle East Media Center most likely reflects the thinking of many of the journalists and gate keepers working at Al-Reuters. The mask slips and Al-Reuters is exposed. The international news media should take a step back and reconsider its contracts with such a heavily biased news wire agency. This really stinks, it’s that bad. More here. *L* KGS

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