Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

The Mid-East Conflict: It’s all about Anti-Semitism And Islamic Supremacy…….

The TT has posted a number of posts on the subject of Arab/Muslim anti-Semitism, and that it is one of the key issues that continues to drive the ME conflict. The other catalyst to the hostilities is Islamic teachings that preach Muslim superiority over everyone and everything else (land). Islamic supremacy rivals that of Aryan supremacy taught through the German National Socialist apparatus during the 30’s and 40’s.
Here is a good article that for the most part, helps to explain why the Arabs refuse to let go of the conflict. The only point in the article that needs correcting, is the understanding of the role Islam has had in the conflict from the very beginning. Today’s noticeable emergence of Islamic supremacy is not due to any radicalism, but a return to the core belief system in the Qur’an.
It had always been representative in the Arab rejection of the Jewish state of Israel, with it now becoming something of a fashion statement, an affirmation of one’s own Islamic credentials. Any Muslim that wants peace with the Jewish state and with Jews in general, is no longer acting as a Muslim should act, and in danger of being labeled an apostate. Qur’anic scripture backs up that view in no uncertain terms.

Many people around the world, including some Israelis, believe that the moment the conflict between us and the Palestinians would be resolved, the reason for the Arab and Muslim world’s hostility towards us will disappear. Peace will prevail among Israel and all Arab states, tensions between Islam and the West will fade, and the terror threat against Western nations will be lifted.

This conviction is naïve and false – the Palestinian issue is the pretext; a means used to slam Israel. It is not the problem. The Arab world never reconciled itself to our existence as a Jewish state in the Mideastern space. The only Arab maps where the State of Israel appears are military maps. When it comes to the maps used in geography classes at schools, we do not exist.

That’s the brutal reality of the conflict, when one side refuses to give up the dream of having it all, Greater Palestine, it leaves no room for further discussion. The wishful thinking of western leaders who choose to look at that stark reality between their fingers, only serves to place Israel in a very untenable position of being forced to make compromises to the Palestinians who have showed no desire whatsoever to reciprocate in kind. It’s called the “cycyle of stupidity”. More here. *L* KGS

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