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UAE Billionaire Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Chastises Israel…….

Billionaire crybaby, Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair (MTFOATCIHA), claims “massacre in Gaza” took place though common sense and facts tell otherwise. I could care less how “westernized” these wealthy Arab oil & banking barons claim to be, because most are always a stone’s throw away from buffoonish conspiracy theories about Jews and Israel, and promote anti-Semitism.

Arbil, March 11th, 2008 (WAM) The United Arab Emirates has called for creation of an international commission for inquiry to probe the massacres committed by Israel against Palestinians in Gaza. It also called for an international protection force to rescue Palestinians from the Israeli atrocities.

The crybaby Al Ghurair also wants the UN to pass resolutions banning criticism of Islam.

Al Ghurair also urged implementation of the UN resolutions banning attacks on religious beliefs.

Puhleeeeze. The day Al Ghurair (Al Gore?) utters true sympathy for the various non-Muslim religions around the world, is the day the UAE builds a Buddhist temple in its capital city. Has he ever offered a single statement of condemnation of the butchery going on around the world of non-Muslims by his coreligionists? Nope. He could care less about other religions, what he wants is protection of Islam from any or all criticism. Period.

He continues:It makes no sense to implement UN resolutions relating to anti-Semitism when Judaism is attacked and to ignore the same resolutions when Islam and Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) are insulted, under the pretext of ‘freedom of expression and opinion’.” Al Ghurair urged that the meeting’s final communiqu? should refer to the need to end Iran’s occupation of UAE’s three islands of Lesser Tunb, Greater Tunb and Abu Musa.”

What a boob for conflating two entirely different issues into one. The demonizing of Jews (and the Jewish state of Israel) for being responsible for every evil that exists in the world -which by the way has been taken to entirely new levels throughout Arab/Muslim world- with the intellectual criticism of Islamic excesses, is ludicrous.

His own words prove him to be extremely disingenuous and a manipulator of words and sentiments, in that he “wants all religions protected”, but nonetheless loathes resolutions that condemn racist Jew hatred. *L* KGS

Note from the editor: MTFOATCIHA = May The Flies Of A Thousand Camels Infest His Armpits

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  1. Mr. Ghurair should first discard his Jewish Business. His world of business involves around banking and interest which is a Jewish Monopoly and against the relgious tenet of Islam.

    May Allah give him hidayat. Interest in Islam is prohibited and haram .

    Let him make his house in order first. Then we can see the blessings of Allah automatically

  2. Who cares what is allowed or not allowed in the lunacy called ..Islam?

    You Muslims have had centuries to claw your way out of the muck, but your stone age moon god beliefs keep you right where you are while you cry "victim".

    The world would be a better place if the whole Islamic community left Islam and became members of Pee Wee Herman's fan club.

    Why you guys continue to worship the fictional character of Mohamed only a head shrink could answer.

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