Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Australia Leftism meathead politicians

Aussie MP Boycotts Parliamentry Vote on Solidarity With Israel…….

Julia Irwin, a stooge MP to the umpteenth power. ¨

Israel is about to celebrate its sixtieth year anniversary of being and independent state. This Aussie anti-Israel gas bag, Julia Irwin, refused to even sit in parliament while a vote for solidarity with the Jewish state was being held.
Moe and Larry were not amused. Thiswoman brings disgrace upon her whole party, and it would be pure justice to see her constituents giving her the boot from parliament come next elections.
Aussie MP boycotts motion commemorating Israel’s 60th anniversary Julia Irwin, a frequent critic of Israel’s conduct in conflict with Palestinians, deliberately absent from chamber during session on motion reiterating Australia’s support of Israel. PM Rudd: We’re a pack of pussycats compared to Knesset members.At least one Labor MP has boycotted a parliamentary motion commemorating Israel’s 60th anniversary, The Australian reported on Wednesday.

According to the Sydney-based daily, Labor MP Julia Irwin, a “frequent critic of Israel’s conduct in the Israel-Palestine dispute,” boycotted the motion commemorating Israel’s founding and the role Australia played in it by absenting herself from the chamber. A spokeswoman for Irwin’s office confirmed her absence was a deliberate act of protest, the report said.

Another clueless Leftist politician that supports the jihadists. Though common sense would dictact an enormous support for the Jewish state of Israel, the Leftists continue to try and defy gravity. More here. *L* KGS

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