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PA Paper: Mass Murdering Terrorist "An Extraordinary Hero … a Beacon of Light"……!

From PMW: Arch terrorist Imad Mughniyeh lauded in PA – Fatah paper. Samir Kuntar: I will continue down his path.

Senior Hezbollah terrorist Imad Mughniyeh has been placed on a pedestal of glory in various articles in the official Palestinian Authority Fatah daily. Western countries have expressed virtually unanimous relief that the terrorist, wanted by 42 countries and on the FBI’s most wanted list, was killed by a car bomb in Damascus on February 12, 2008. The Palestinian Authority, on the other hand, has been using the media under its to mourn his death. through its controlled media has been mourning his death.

One article by a senior Fatah leader describes Mughniyeh as an “extraordinary hero… unequaled Hezbollah commander … a beacon of light.” His killing is called a “murder in broad daylight… a tragedy that has hurt every Lebanese, every Palestinian, every Arab, and every free man on the face of this earth.” The revenge for his death will be more terror and eventually Israel’s destruction.

So wrote Fatah leader Ahmad Dahbur, until recently the undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, in Al Hayat Al Jadida, the official PA daily controlled by Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction. His article, along with others paying lavish tribute to the dead terrorist, makes no mention of the fact that Mughniyeh was responsible for the murders of hundreds of civilians and soldiers in worldwide terror attacks. Among his many international terror attacks, Mughniyeh was responsible for the killing of 241 American soldiers of the peacekeeping force in Lebanon in 1983.

The Palestinian Authority has glorified his years of murder as heroic. It describes him repeatedly as a “Shahid” (Islamic Martyr), the highest Islamic status, and has run his photo with that caption. He is crowned the “Knight of Lebanese Resistance.”

The PA newspaper, assuming it was Israel who killed him (Israel has denied involvement in the killing), refers to Israel as “the treacherous Zionist enemy,” reiterates the PA’s “rage and hatred” for Israel and promises more “resistance the PA euphemism for terror) … the blow which will hand over death.”

In another article, the daily describes how a lawyers’ association in Gaza mourned his death, and called his killing “a crime of organized state terror.”

The PA daily also published a letter to Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah from Samir Kuntar, a Lebanese terrorist serving four life sentences in an Israeli prison for the murders of four Israelis, including a four-year-old girl whose skull he crushed with rocks and a rifle butt. The unrepentant Kuntar likewise glorifies his fellow terrorist Mughnyeh as one member of the “distinguished, glamorous convoys” of Shahids, and vows to follow in his footsteps.


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