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News Update on The Al-Dura Hearing …….

Honest Reporting has just informed the Tundra Tabloids that:

Endre Mozes of HonestReporting-Take A Pen just called from the courthouse during a brief break in today’s legal proceedings between Philippe Karsenty and France 2. Karsenty is making a lengthy presentation about the al-Dura video, a presentation Mozes says has been well-documented.

The trial started two hours late, and the hearing was moved to a different room to accomodate the crowd. Too soon to say whether the proceedings will wrap up today or continue tomorrow. Watch this exclusive interview with Mideast expert and media analyst Tom Gross about the al-Dura controversy.

Hopefully tomorrow there will be more to blog about, stay tuned. *L* KGS

UPDATE: 28/02/08 – 9:01

Honest Reporting informs the Tundra Tabloids that the hearing is over, with final verdict to be delivered on March 21. According HR’s on the spot eyewitness Endre Mozes, who heads the international pro-Israel letter writing organization Take-A-Pen, stated the following: “It was a fight of the institutional thinking,” said Mozes.

“The strongest argument France 2 could come up with is that Charles Enderlin is an institution in this country. They said that [Jamal] Al-Dura was visited by King Hussein, which shows how important this case is. France 2 wanted to show how respected personalities participated. They hardly challenged the facts and preferred to play up the players and institutions involved.”

That’s the brunt of it folks, the France 2 news organization has egg all over its face, and the Tundra Tabloids is grinning ear to ear. Hopefully the French Court will do the right thing and render a judgement in Karsenty’s favor. Regardless of whether Shin Bet actually “signed off” on Talal Abu Rama -the person who filmed the Mohamed al-Dura incident- the man was filming with other Palestinian (lets use the word lighty here) journalists, who were involved in staging entirely bogus footage of Palestinians being supposedly wounded by Israeli gunfire.

Pallywood has it down to an art, and in spite of a decision to grant Talal Abu Rama a clean bill of health, he clearly was working in concert with the other Pallywood directors, and to date, he refuses to even acknowledge that the staged injuries filmed at the Netzarim Junction in Gaza were faked. More here.

A special note of thanks to Honest Reporting for keeping the Tundra Tabloids abreast with the most current news about the hearing.

UPDATE: 02.03.08 – 9:16 Media Backspin informs the Tundra Tabloids that “the verdict is to be handed down on May 22.”

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  1. Ya know… given the amount of press coverage the Al-Dura video received at the time, you’d think the news media would be paying more attention to this trial.


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