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Another Book Fair Another Arab Boycott…….

First it was Italy, now it’s France. Why you may ask are the Arabs once again, up in arms over another book fair? Why it’s because Israel is once again the guest of honor to highlight the Jewish state’s 60 anniversary of its independence.

The Arabs are steaming mad.

First it’s the Palestinians, who by way still refer to the founding of the state Israel as a catastrophe, supposedly life was all a bowl of cherries before the arrival of European Jews to their ancient homeland after WWII. Jews had always been well represented in the land, and comprised the majority of the population in Jerusalem. Oh well.


The Union of Palestinian Writers condemned yesterdaythe participation of Israel as guest of honour at the upcoming Paris Book Fair (March14-19). “It is not worthy of France, the land of the revolution and human rights, to welcome at its book fair a racist, occupying country,” the union’s president, Al-MutawakelTaha, told reporters. He added that Israel’s participation in the fair would “legitimise all its fascist acts”. Some 40 Israeli writers have been invited by the fair’s organisers,to mark the 60th anniversary of the Jewish state, which on the other hands is regarded as Nakba (catastrophe) by the Palestinians.

Not to be outdone by the Palestinians’ Jew hate, the Algerians show their solidarity with their Palestinian co-religionists as well:


After the Egyptian and Palestinian ones, also the Algerian publishers have decided to boycott the Paris Book Fair, which this year willreceive as a guest of honour Israel. The national trade union of Algerian publishers (SNEL), comprising about sixty publishers, will be absent “to denounce the policy of thecountry guest of honour, Israel”. Also Casbah Editions “will not participate in the name of the duty to solidarity with the Palestinian civil population in Gaza,” Samin Amziane, manager of the publishing house, explained for ANSA. Casbah Editions, one of Algeriàs major publishing houses, “has always participated since 1991 until today, in all the editions of the fair”, but this year, “it will not be by the side of the representativesof a country that at this very moment is committing against the disarmed Gaza inhabitants an unnamed genocide which does not spare even the children…

It must be an insult to the victims of the Zionist barbarism,” a statement reads. Israel’s participation “is the acknowledgement of a dynamic literature, of immense richness, an image of a multicultural society. It is literature which digs in the past, asserts itself in a hectic present, without a priori, without rejecting any issue, which questions itself and analyses without concession,” the presentation of the fair, to be held in Paris from March 14 to 19, reads. Also some Moroccan publishers have decided to boycott the fair, which will boast the participation of 39 Israeli authors, including Amos Oz and David Grossman, invited by the national book centre, by the French Foreign Ministry and by the Israeli public authorities.

Pure loony tunes, and the Arabs know it. They are only hurting themselves with their blind hatred for the Jewish state, distancing themselves from an event that’s meant to share cultures, on such highly charged baseless claims, proves that there is no interest at all by the Arabs, for a Jewish state. Period. It couldn’t be any plainer. *L* KGS

H/T Baron Bodissey Gates of Vienna
UPDATE: 19:11 27/02/08
Now Lebanon has decided to join the boycott. Lebanon is to stay away from this year’s Paris book fair in protest at the invitation of Israel as guest of honor, Culture Minister Tareq Mitri announced on Wednesday.”Lebanon will not participate this year in protest at the cultural event’s organizers’ decision to select Israel as guest of honor,” Mitri said in a statement.

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