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Saudi Tutor Gets Whipping For Coffeee With Coed…….

This is what you get if caught drinking coffee with a woman not your wife, or pissing off members of the religious police, in the 7th century nightmare called Saudi Arabia.

The tutor even made sure that the woman wouldn’t be alone, but that wasn’t enough for the Saudi “morality police”, who took the poor man by the collar and threw him in the clink.

A married university professor has been sentenced to 180 lashes and eight months in prison for having coffee with a female student. The professor of psychology at Umm al-Qra University in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, was caught in a “honey trap” operation after angering members of the religious police during a training course, his lawyer said.

The academic is said to have received a call from a supposed student, who asked to discuss a problem in person; he agreed, provided she brought along a brother as a chaperone.

Corruption in the Saudi state runs deep, but that’s always the case with tyrannies. More here.  KGS

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  1. I don't know what you are trying to do. Is it all about Islam or it just about Saudi?!

    If you have an Image for this one, I got a Video for it. and I'm sure they are not Saudi either not Arabs.

    If you don't know about Saudi or Islam it's your problem, I don't have do education you. But don't talk about some thing unless you know it.

    For your Informations, Islam is Arabic word means Peace.

    ask anyone from your country who was working in Saudi about Saudi and how it's Peaceful country.

    God bless Islam


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