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Universal Islamic Blasphemy Laws……?

There are many authoritative voices on Islam, Islamic imperialism and the destructive nature of Islamic law (sharia) that the Tundra Tabloids trusts, and Andrew Bostom is most certainly one of them. Here is yet another salient post from the desk of the good Dr.Andrew Bostom.

“The 57 Muslim Nations of the Organization of the Islamic Conference are Trying to Impose Islamic Blasphemy Law—Which Includes the Death Penalty For Those Who “Blaspheme” the Muslim prophet Muhammad—as the Universal Standard” More here.

What intrigues the Tundra Tabloids is Bostom’s illuminating the role that Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the spiritual leader for the Muslim Brotherhood, plays in promoting jihad in the regions of the world where he deems terrorism, …legitimate. Al-Qaradawi even promotes the role of Islam’s prophet as the “prototype jihadist“, now mind you, this is the man millions of Muslims -throughout the world- listen to for advice on Islamic issues.

Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi has a following in Finland as well, and though the Tundra Tabloids does admit that it’s matter of speculation of how wide of a following al-Qaradawi has here, I would assume that it’s pretty significant. The Islamic Society of Finland has links to al-Qaradawi, who apparently see no problem with his views on executing gays and that females who have been raped, punished for indecent behaviour.

Will Khodr Chehab, the leader of the ISF ever renounce al-Qaradawi for his racist and bigoted views? I think not. It is also worth noting that Chehab was one of those caught whining about the Danes publishing the dreaded cartoons of Mo. He wanted the Finnish state to make sure that the media here wouldn’t make “the same mistake“.

Well he needn’t worry, the Finnish media at the time, folded up like a “just to be raided crap game”, with none if its major newspapers daring to “cross the line”. The Tundra Tabloids is willing to go even further and say that, the Finnish media’s reaction to the Danish Mohamed cartoon crisis was reminiscent of how a dog greats its owner, a complete roll over with all four of its paws up in the air. *L* KGS

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