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The Myth of a Moderate Muslim Balkan Region…….

The Tundra Tabloids had the pleasure of meeting Israeli MK, Arieh Eldad, at the Counter-Jihad conference in Brussels last year. He gave a very moving and thought provoking speech at the EU building, during the first day of the conference.
Pamela at Atlas Shrugs and Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna have posted Eldad’s most recent article, concerning the decision of some states to recognize the Islamic enclave of Kosovo as an independent sovereign state. The Tundra Tabloids is already on record as being against recognition of yet another Muslim state in Europe, and after reading Eldad’s article, the TT views have been only reaffirmed.
If you want -and I suggest that you do- the entire article can be viewed in full here, I just want to draw your attention to one of the salient points in Eldad’s article, which revolves around the myth of a peaceful Muslim Balkan region. That is one of the most often spread myths about Sufi Islam, in that it’s only interested in the mystical, spiritual realm, not in the political form of Islam that is most noticeable in the Sunni and Shiite branches of Islam.

Diving straight into the article, Arieh Eldad warns about the notion that the Muslim region has always been inhabited by a more peaceful strain of Islam. As many have come to find out by reading the Tundra Tabloids, Hajj Amin-al-Husseini was in thick with the Nazis, shared their hatred of Jews, and wanted to see the Third Reich victorious in order to rid the Levant of its Jews as well.

“I have heard commentators explaining that neither we nor Europe should fear Kosovo because the Kosovians are “moderate Moslems.” It was from these moderate Moslems that Haj Amin el-Husseini gathered tens of thousands of volunteers for the 13th SS Division (“Handschar”) and 21st SS Division (“Skanderbeg”).

On them he built his dream of marching with Hitler’s armies into Palestine and destroying the Jews of Eretz Israel. Today Israel, together with its European partners, must present a solid front to stop the spread of Islam in Europe, for as long as the Moslem strength there increases, the tendency of European countries to prefer the Arabs over Israel will also increase. “

I fail to see what benefits there would be for EU, US and the rest of Europe, in bestowing state sovereignty to a highly corrupt, drug infested, mafia run Muslim enclave, other than being “a sop” for the oil producing Muslim states. “See how friendly we are, we can’t solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, but we are willing and ready to shove a knife into our own gullet for the sake of proving how sympathetic we are to the Muslims!”

Unbelievable! Just how daft is Europe and the US to allow such a bastard state gain its sovereignty, and hold to the belief that it’ll stabalize the region? Haven’t we learned anything from history? *L* KGS

NOTE: A comment found at the Brussels Journal: “it could be argued that no Arab state can recognise Kosovo without accepting the right of Israel to exist.”

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