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The blogger satiricohen points the Tundra Tabloids in the direction of The Israeli Satire Lab, “A mad Israeli experiments with satire in the volatile Middle East”.

Satire is just what the doctored ordered for the blogosphere covering the Middle East and the Counter-Jihad. I plan to be visiting the Israeli Satire Lab often. Here is the latest post on Iranian methods of discovering infidelity and the joys and rewards of stoning.

UN Human Rights Council Praises Iranian Policy of Stoning

ISL – New York

In a special session dedicated to the celebration of human rights in Iran, Ahmad Sallah the Libyan Chairman of the United Nation Human Rights Council heaped praise on the record of the Iranian regime, “The manner in which Iran views human rights accurately reflects the policy of the council,” said Ahmad Sallah, “As most council members are aware, reconciling the prerequisites of a dictatorship with basic human rights for one’s subjects is one of the most difficult challenges that despots face all over the world.

Considering the fact that dictatorships traditionally have other priorities to work through before addressing the needs of the common people, the Council finds it noteworthy that the regime in Iran has consistently been on the forefront of authoritarian countries striving to introduce human rights into the daily life of their subjects.”

More here. *L* KGS

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  1. Thank you so much.
    It really makes my day knowing that somebody out there gets my point and is loose enough to enjoy it.

    The feeling is mutual since I also enjoy and appreciate what you are doing on this blo

  2. Keep up the good work satiricohen! Your wit will prove to be invaluable in the long run! *L* KGS

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