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Helsingin Sanomat Parrots Hamas’ Propaganda…….

From the desk of the Tundra Tabloids’ very own commentator Tundraman:

HS (the Finnish capital’s largest news daily) can always be depended on to demonize Israel. In its story today covering the break-out of Palestinians at the Rafah crossing, there were again omissions, distortions and choices made which systematically vilified Israel:

(a) Omissions: there was no mention of the fact that Hamas had been preparing the break-through for months by making holes in the wall, that the guards knew about it and did nothing (as it had the “blessing” of their government) and that it did not produce “holes” in wall but actually teared it down.

(b) Distortions: the “fact sheet” in the story was written by Jussi Vuotila and had the completely misleading title: “Lifelines of the big open prison”. The content was in line with this title.

(c) Choices: the picture of the wall that HS chose to publish tactfully concealed the extent of damage done to it, so that the omission in point (a) above could seem warranted. The picture did not at all reveal the systematic and planned destruction actually carried out. (edit: picture above is what the HS did not publish)

When this kind of systematic brain-washing takes place daily for decades, without the Finnish public having access to ANY alternative media (due to the language barrier and the monopoly of the big media), it cannot but influence the way people are thinking about Israel. On a normal Gauss curve of attitudes towards Israel, there are of course always those Finns who are immune to this brain-washing (= the already saved), but they occupy only a tiny tail in one end of the curve.

At the same time, of course, there are also those ccupying the tail in the other end of the curve who will always be immune to any counter-information, no matter how good it is or how much it is offered. What this daily anti-Israel propaganda accomplishes, however, is that an increasing part of the people in the middle (= those still open for change in their attitudes) will glide down the wrong end of the curve and eventually join those “beyond saving”.

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  1. The younger generation increasingly get their news from the internet and do not have to rely on the biased Yle/HS output. It is the older generation that has not learned to use the internet that still relies on the MSM for news.

    As a rule, I don’t trust anything that Yle and HS report from the Middle East without verifying the information from another source.

  2. I would dare to say that the most people, young or old, would never care to really get to the heart of a story. They briskly gloss over everything and are easily influenced with what YLE spreads to them.

    The indoctrination of the young in Finnish universities also helps to prepare them to be easily lead by the Leftist news media as well.

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