Anti-Israel bigotry and bias anti-Semitism Canada Durban

Canada Will Not Attend UN Racist Conference…….

After the Durban hate festival in 2001, Durban II does not promise to be anything different, with Libya set to chair the event and with Cuba siting in as vice-chair, one can be assured that S.Africa will be once again be a scene for an international anti-Israel/Jew hate festivity.

Since Iran is also on the organizing committee, they can be expected to be cheer leading the participants to the event with chants of “death to the Zionists” as well as handing out hats and other party favors with similar slogans.

“Canada will not take part in a major United Nations conference on racism next year because the event is likely to descend into “regrettable anti-Semitism“, a top official said on Wednesday. Officials said they believed Canada was the first nation to announce it will not attend the conference in Durban, South Africa.

The so-called Durban II conference ”has gone completely off the rails” and Canada wants no part of it, said Jason Kenney, Canada’s secretary of state for multiculturalism and Canadian identity.

Iran was named to the organizing committee, Kenney noted. ”This is a country whose government has publicly expressed its desire to eliminate the only Jewish country in the world,” he said.

“(We) had hoped that the preparatory process for the 2009… conference would remedy the mistakes of the past. Despite our efforts, we have concluded that it will not. Canada will therefore not participate,” Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier said in a statement.

Kudos to the Canadian government, I wonder if Finland will be attending? More here. *L* KGS

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