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See How Easy it is……?

Hamas kingpin, Ismail Haniyeh: Bush’s visit yielding only endorsed further US-Israeli domination over the region,” he said after Friday prayers at the Al-Gharbi mosque in Ash-Shati’ Camp in the Gaza Strip.”

Lets see here, the leader of the terrorist, Islamic supremacist group called Hamas, also mentioned that the Israeli occupation, the separation wall, settlements, Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, and continued aggression against the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, as the sole reasons for their misery.

Sounds like all the talking points any Finnish critic of Israel would give, and it’s so easy to do…really! It doesn’t take too much effort to throw disingenuous “one liners” to an already biased international news media, that is incredibly ignorant of both the factual issues related to the Israeli / Palestinian conflict, as well as being willfully led by the nose. Who can really blame the Islamist supremacists for using the international media that so willingly dances to their tune?

It’s one of the more stark reminders of western dhimmitude, and the Islamic supremacists love it, they really eat it up!

Finland’s state TV news agency, YLE, is just one of many “news” agencies that skillfully plugs Palestinian talking points to its (for the most part) captive audience, the Helsingin Sanomat is another prime example. It’s really sick to watch, but a fact nonetheless. More here. *L* KGS

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