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The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of The Muezzin…….

British bishop, Rev John Pritchard, longs to hear the sound of the Muezzin call to prayer. He can’t wait! He doesn’t mind it at all if the majority of Oxford’s non-Muslim townsfolk have to put up with the Muslim call to prayer FIVE TIMES A DAY.

The Bishop of Oxford has rejected another senior clergyman’s fears that broadcasting the Muslim call to prayer in East Oxford could create a “no-go area” for non-Muslims.

The Rt Rev John Pritchard backed plans for the call to prayer in Oxford – splitting away from controversial comments made by the Anglican Church’s only Asian Bishop, the Rt Rev Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, of Rochester.

Bishop Michael said attempts were being made to impose an “Islamic character” on communities, creating no-go areas where people of different faiths would find it hard to live and work. But Bishop John said: “I want to distance myself from what the Bishop of Rochester has said. “There are no no-go areas in this country that we are aware of and in all parts of the country there are good interfaith relationships developing.”

Leaders at Oxford’s Central Mosque, in Manzil Way, are considering asking for planning permission to issue the call to prayer from the mosque – and Bishop John said he was “very happy” with the move.”

This is pure nonsense. Look around the Muslim world and see how the call to prayer is used as a political, empirical weapon for Muslim superiority. The late Pope John Paul II was drowned out in Damascus as well as in Bethlehem, with the latter having a silent reflection during a church mass rudely interrupted by the local muezzin.

There shouldn’t be any objections to Muslims celebrating their services in the privacy of their own religious buildings, that is a matter of decency and respect. But the blaring of “their own” religious duties to the non-Muslim majority is a red line crossed. Elsewhere throughout the Muslim world, severe restrictions are placed upon other non-Muslim religions, with the Saudis topping the rest in not even allowing a non-Muslim religious service to take place on their soil.

The Bishop of Oxford, Rev John Pritchard is extremely naive as he is a dhimmi for so enthusiastically accepting pushing for the rights of Muslims to blast their religious calls to prayer over loud speakers, FIVE TIMES A DAY.

If the dear bishop wants to hear the Muslim call to prayer so badly, he can put on his heads phones and pop in a tape of one. If he lacks the equipment, I’m sure that the majority of the townsfolk who live in the area would be glad to take up an offering in all of the Christian churches to help him purchase what he needs.

It’s no wonder that the Islamists feel that they have the upper hand, with stooges like Pritchard stumping for them why should they feel discouraged? The Christian cheek takes a slapping while the Islamists happily keep on giving, with Christendom’s own leaders cheering from the sidelines. Really disgusting to witness. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. I am an ex-member of the Church of England , I left it when I realised that the average IQ of Bishops was about 65 , with zero common sense .

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