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Bush: We Should Have Bombed it…….

What President Bush was referring to, was the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz in which hundreds of thousands of Jews were exterminated during WWII. I fully agree with the sentiment that the Nazi concentration camp should have been bombed, as well as the railroad lines leading to it, that continually fed its furnaces.

But there is another issue of equal importance here, that being, this very same president –who’s busy shedding tears over dead Jews– is insisting on reviving the dead horse “peace process” of Oslo. The Palestinians are no where near rejecting terrorist violence now, then they were on the White House lawn, where representatives of both Israel and the Palestinians had signed the Declaration of Principles for Peace, with the then US president, Bill Clinton, looking on.

David Hornik, freelance writer and translator living in Tel Aviv, and an acquaintance of the Tundra Tabloids has this to say about Bush’s regrets:

Here’s a way to make up for it: push for a mass expulsion of Jews from Judea and Samaria; push obsessively for a terror state abutting what little would be left of Israel and make it a centerpiece of your foreign policy; direct weapons, training, and funds to Israel-hating terrorists; uphold an oily, corrupt, spineless Israeli prime minister as a great leader whom his people must keep in office no matter what; ride and encourage the weakest, most capitulationist political factors in Israel whose policies always demonstrably lead to increased terror and increased empowerment of terror; elevate leaders of the already-existing corrupt, jihadist, genocidal substate entity already adjoining Israel to the status of honored international statesmen.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. *L* KGS

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  1. “As you stated, Mr. President, the Palestinian Authority headed by Hamas government must abandon the path of terrorism, dismantle the terror infrastructure, honor agreements and recognize Israel’s right to exist. By doing so they will find us a willing partner in peace. However, we will not enter into any kind of partnership with a party which refuses to recognize our right to live in peace and security.”

    What have you done George?

  2. I realize that President Bush is pursuing a bad policy in trying to bring about an end to the War Against Israel. However, that being said, I think he DOES care about Israel and living Jews. That is a major improvement over his father.

    The real villain is the U.S. State Dept. which is staffed with unelected bureaucrats who have lucrative jobs with oil companies waiting for them when they retire. That’s if they didn’t have lucrative jobs with oil companies to begin with as in the case of Condolezza Rice.

  3. Hi TINSC!

    I agree with you that W is an improvement over his father. That said, most of Israel’s detractors will use the fact that he spoke “occupation”, and won’t bother to add what you did, that he didn’t asy it was illegal.

    That’s the problem with anti-Israel propaganda, the sound bites are so easy to mouth and convince though it’s usually full of nonsensical crap

  4. Bush has demonstrated an amazing capacity for vacuous statements.

    ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda’….

    Yeah. but you didn’t! So can the sappy pandering over spilled milk. It’s no cover for doing the wrong thing today.

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