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A Real Non Brainer…….

US President George Bush signed a bill Wednesday, to fund a new American-Israeli joint energy research program, that will provide “opportunities for joint research and development projects involving renewable and alternative energy and energy efficiency.”

I say that it’s an investment well spent. Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has more information on Israeli high tech benefiting mankind here. But what’s highly frustrating to me, is the small amount being invested, only 20-30 million in R&D to find alternative energy sources, while the international community that includes the US, will spend billions on a Palestinian Authority, which will most certainly squander it.

Even now, after receiving the largest aid package ever, the Arabs are complaining that ….its not enough! What would be more sensible, would be for the US to invest the overwhelming majority of the money into Israel’s high tech industry, and make the Arab League foot the Palis bill. Let our hard earned cash reap the benefits by investing in Israel, while the Arab’s reap the benefits from their investements in the PA (pictured right). More here. *L* KGS

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