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US Turns Blind Eye to Egypt’s Aiding of Hamas…….

Now we wouldn’t want to upset the Egyptians. Israel’s “peace partner” Egypt helps Hamas to smuggle weapons into Gaza, and the Israelis have documented evidence to prove it. So why hasn’t the video footage of Egyptian border police cutting a hole in the border fence with Gaza been viewed by the US Congress?

According to the J’lem Post:

Congress on Wednesday sent a foreign aid bill to US President George W. Bush that for the first time conditions some Egyptian military aid on its efforts to crack down on smuggling into Gaza and improving its human rights record. According to the legislation, $100 million of the $1.3 billion in Egyptian military aid has been set aside until the secretary of state certifies that Egypt has met these obligations, though the secretary can waive the requirements if she feels holding back the $100m. would harm American national security interests.

So the legislation is there waiting to be signed, but there is a gross lack of will in both Washington and in Jerusalem to actually see it enforced, because it could possibly dampen relations between Egypt and the US. Apparently, though the Israeli government doesn’t want the smuggling of weapons and men into Gaza to continue, it is willing to allow it for the sake of not being seen as the wedge in US/Egyptian relations.

So, until the political will is found in both Washington and Jerusalem to address the elephant in the room, the Egyptian and Hamas nexus will continue to stock pile weapons and ammunition in Gaza, while all three sides turn a blind eye. More here. *L* KGS

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