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The Hamas Boys R&B Band Sing by Night And Club by Day…….

If you’re think of “clubbing” in Hamastan anytime soon, be prepared to experience a different kind of “night life” than what most enjoy in the west.

“Wearing blue camouflage fatigues and crooning about Islamic holy war, the five members of Hamas’s Protectors of the Homeland police band are trying to boost morale in Gaza with an arsenal of anti-Israel numbers. Standing bolt upright and staring straight ahead in their Hamas uniforms, the bearded men — in their 20s and 30s — are not quite Gaza’s answer to international boy bands like Backstreet Boys or ‘N Sync. ” More here.

This pack of jackals has what it takes to succeed in the macho, male driven society called Hamastan. They not only sing about jihad in their spare time, they live it to the full during their day time jobs as policemen enforcers for the Islamic regime.

“Our duties are to boost the spirits with entertainment and encourage the forces,” Hussam Abu Abdu told Reuters after a band rehearsal at the Hamas-run Gaza Strip’s police headquarters.”

Yeah riiiight! Boosting the spirits of the people by enforcing law Hamas style, must really boost the public’s spirit. When they’re not singing, they’re more than likely taking part in shooting crowds gathered in the streets of Gaza. Here is a video of the “motley crew. Judge for yourself if they deserve a break on “Palestinian Idols“.

When the “Boys out of sync” are not busy crooning for Allah, I wonder if they’re busy helping to stamp out dissent within their Islamofascist paradise? *L* KGS

Update: More on Hamas thug clubbings, this time female students. These are thugs, not police.

Via Daled Amos

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