Middle East Brutality Paleostinians Terrorism

Justice, Law And Order Hamas Style…….

“They broke my bones and even my penis had blisters.” That sums up life in the areas under the control of either Hamas or Fattah. It doesn’t really matter which, both entities have very little tolerance for civility and the upholding of human rights.

“They took me (Sammy, a 44-year-old Gaza resident and Fatah member) to a ditch they had dug, and told me it was my grave. They lowered me into it with a gun to my head, and threatened to kill me. I was sure it was my end.”

The only reason why they let ol’ Sammy go was becuase his brother –who arrived on the scene– had promised to revenge his blood if he was killed. These kind of brutal murders happen ALL THE TIME in the PA, and yet they generate hardly any interest at all by the “peace activists”, because it’s Arab on Arab violence.

This time around Sammy was lucky, hopefully he’ll remember what it’s like to be face down in the dirt readying himself to die. Perhaps it’ll cause him to think twice from doing the same to others, Jews and Arabs alike. More here. *L* KGS

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