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Sweden’s Journalists Lean Further Left Than Public…….

Oh surprise, surprise. So it stands to reason that Finland’s media is as Left or more so than their Swedish counterparts. This explains the reason why there is such an imbalance in the news reporting in Finland, the “lefty gate keepers” act as an ideological damn, making sure nothing gets through that doesn’t fit with the Leftist view of the world.

This portion of the article helps us understand more about the leftist media then they care to admit:

“Perhaps unsurprisingly, talking politics is a favourite pastime. 68 percent of the nation’s scribes have a conversation about politics at least once a week, compared to 25 percent of the population as a whole. Journalists also have greater trust in politicians than the general public.”

They just looooove the politicians…most likely only those who are Social democrats.

“Journalists are generally more left-wing than the public at large. One example of this is in attitudes to asylum: 49 percent of people in Sweden as a whole want to reduce the number of refugees Sweden receives, while only 11 percent of journalists favour cutting down on asylum quotas.”

More here. *L* KGS

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