Boycott Britain

Immoral Boycott Against Israel Suffers Defeat……!

In reality, the boycott was bound for defeat the moment it was approved, it was only a matter of time. But it’s great to see the boycotters wailing about it!

The University And College Union’s (UCU) announced today that, after seeking legal advice, an academic boycott of Israel would be unlawful and cannot be implemented. Members of the union’s strategy and finance committee unanimously accepted a recommendation from UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, that the union should immediately inform branches and members that:

  • A boycott call would be unlawful and cannot be implemented
  • UCU members’ opinions cannot be tested at local meetings
  • The proposed regional tour cannot go ahead under current arrangements and is therefore suspended.

This is of course good news, perhaps it’ll head off other futile boycotting attempts as well. Not that I don’t mind seeing the boycotters “spinning their wheels”, but perhaps they can be induced to pursue a more productive course, like bridge building intitiatives between the two sides etc.? More here. *L* KGS

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