N.Korea Syria WMD's

Israelis Found N.Korean Nuke Material in Syrian Raid…….

According to a Sunday Times report, Israeli commandos had raided the very same compound that was later destroyed by Israel’s air force. The report states that the commandos seized nuclear material in the raid which has been identified as N.Korean in origin. If the claims of the “unnamed” source for the article are true, the ramifications of such a finding are immense.

N.Korea, which is supposedly cooperating with the IAEA’s “six-party process” in divesting itself from its own nuclear capabilities, is now appearing to be burning a candle at both ends. A Washington Post article reports however, that many “outside nuclear experts” doubt that Syria would be interested in obtaining nuclear capabilities of its own.

The fog is still think around this one, making it too difficult to tell one way or the other, just what the N.Koreans and Syria was up to, and what was actually hit by Israel. In any case, it was a very “high value” target for Israel to have gone after it, and it appears the US signed on to it after being convinced by Israeli evidence. Primer Prez has more to offer on it here. *L* KGS

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