Paleostinians Terrorism

It Was That Close Again…….

On the 22nd, Israeli sappers blew up a homicide/suicide belt that was meant for Israelis observing the Jewish high holiday of Yom Kippur in Tel Aviv. According to a an Israeli spokesman:

“49 wanted Palestinians, among them Hamas and PFLP terrorists, were arrested during the operation and taken for questioning by security forces. Among those arrested was Nihad Rashid Hasan Shakirat, a senior wanted terrorist, head of the Hamas terror organization in the Ein Beit Ilmeh refugee camp. Shakirat, 34, was hiding inside a civilian home at the time of his arrest until the residents of the house, concerned by the presence on behalf of the IDF, forced Shakirat to exit the building.

Shakirat, 23, revealed during questioning that he had given an explosive suicide belt to Mahed Ashur, a resident of Nablus who worked in Tel Aviv. Yesterday, IDF forces arrested Ashur who directed the forces to a weapons cache, which contained bomb making materials. During his questioning Ashur admitted to receiving a suicide belt from Shakirat which he transferred to Tel Aviv in order to execute a suicide bombing against Israeli civilians. The belt was later found by Border Police sappers in a civilian home in southern Tel Aviv and detonated in a controlled fashion.

During a search in a civilian home, the forces came upon a pregnant Palestinian woman sitting on a bed. The woman refused to get up, claimed that there was nothing unusual in her home and that she did not feel well. The forces continued the search and uncovered a weapons cache under her bed.

The forces also arrested the senior wanted Palestinian militant Ahmed Yusuf Iah Aa-Az, 36, one of the senior leaders of the Hamas terror organization in the Ein Beit Ilmeh refugee camp.

In a different incident, the forces arrested a Hamas terror operative, who was dressed at the time as a woman in order to disguise himself while the IDF forces searched for him.

IDF forces also arrested Haled Nuri, Yusuf Nadi and Mustafa Nuri, members of the Hamas terror organization who admitted during their investigation that they intended to execute terrorist attacks. Mustafa Nuri also admitted his intention to commit a suicide bombing. Their terrorist cell acquired weaponry for the execution of the attacks from the leaders of the Hamas infrastructure in the Nablus region. Hamis Walid Hamis Mari, 28, a senior PFLP operative was also arrested as part of the activity.

So Hamas and the PFLP were involved in coordinating the attack, with the former being a fanatical, religious supremacist terror group, and the latter a fanatical socialist terror group. Two rotten peas in the same ideological pod. *L* KGs

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