Finland Mo-Hound

Finland Finally Joins The Mo-Hound Crowd…….

The online Finnish news organization Uutiskynnys(News Threshold) makes history in being the first in Finland to print the Lars Vilks picture of Mohamed as a dog. Woof!

How soon before our Finnish politicians here begin mouthing their apologies over the publication of the dreaded pictures of Mo? Only time will tell.

I applaud the Swedish Intergration minister Nyamko Sabuni, for her statement recorded in the Uutiskynnys article:

“Integraatioministeri Nyamko Sabuni ehti sanoa, että kuvista aiheutunut kohu on hyväksi integraatiolle. Sabuni oli sitä mieltä, että vaatimalla rajoituksia lehdistön vapauteen muslimien edustajat ovat ottaneet esille kysymyksiä, jotka ovat keskeisiä uuteen yhteiskuntaan sopeutumisen kannalta.

Translation: “Intergration Minister Nyamko Sabuni cared to mention that fuss aroused by the pictures is good for intergration. Sabuni was of the opinion, that the demand for limits on the media’s freedoms has raised question, which are central to conforming in a new society.”

In other words, they are forcing themsleves (the Muslims) to deal with the issues of what living inside a free democratic pluralistic society is all about. No one has the right “not to be offended”, by others and to demand subservience from other to their religious beliefs. *L* KGS

Hat tip: Baron Bodissey, he scooped me this time around, and in my own backyard! Argghh.

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