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History Repeats Itself Yet Again…….

The fawning over tyrants continues. The decision by Columbia University’s dean of international and public affairs, Lisa Anderson, to allow Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to speak at the American university was a disgrace. The U of C president’s recent overturning of that decision is commendable.
It also hearkens to another age and time, when the very same university was falling over itself to get representatives from Nazi Germany to speak at the institution of learning back in the 30’s.
That’s not all, over in Europe, a Swedish parliamentarian, E.G.C. Brandt had nominated Adolf Hitler for the Nobel Peace prize. The Nobel committee had already shown to the world what they had thought of Hitler, by awarding the coveted peace prize to a German pacifist named Carl Von Ossietsky back in 1936.
Thankfully Anderson’s decision concerning Ahmadinejad was rejected in the same vein as E.Brandt’s nomination of Hitler. The need to be vigilant in rejecting extremists is as important now as it was then. *L* KGS

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