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EU Commision Proposal Weakens Finnish Civil Rights…….

They are relentless aren’t they? EU Commission’s new proposal seeks to standardize the regulations dealing with divorce, which according to the Turun Sanomat (in Finnish), will end up weakening trampling Finnish civil rights.

Under the current system in Finland, a Finn can obtain a divorce without the consent the spouse. Other states within the EU, such as Ireland, have stricter laws regarding divorce, “which allows for a four year waiting period, while Malta does not recognize divorce at all”

But the new EU “But-In-Ski” proposal doesn’t end there, it also wants to take the “other” non-EU states’ civil laws regarding divorce into consideration as well. One smells a decaying rat. I believe that it’s not unlikely that the “Eurabians” are at work here.

The article doesn’t go into any kind of detail as to the origins behind the intitiative, but as history has shown, Eurabian politics is never to far from the measures being designed and proposed. I don’t believe that the measure was proposed just with Europe in mind, but with the intention of appeasing the Arab League states.

I am more than certain that the Finnish law governing a spouses right to divorce “if they so choose”, does not sit well with a male dominated Islamic state, where a woman’s status is not equal to that of a man’s. The following quote sums up the “blind side” of a state entering the EU with “eyes widely shut”:

“Kun Suomi liittyi unioniin, ei ollut puhettakaan, että rikos- tai perheoikeusasiat olisivat näin vahvasti kuuluneet yhteisen EU-lainsäädännön alle.

Translation: When Finland joined the union, there wasn’t any talk, that crime- or family court issues were to strongly belong under common EU legislation.”

Exactly the point Euro sceptics –who are against a federalized EU– have been making from the very beginning. *L* KGS

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