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HS Headline Offers Proof of Bias Yet Again…….

The Helsingin Sanomat offers another example of the Finnish media’s reluctance to mention the word “Palestinian” in a headline to a story in which the Palestinians are the main perpetrators.

In today’s online edition of the HS, the foreign news gate keeper (editor) approves the following headline to an article about an unprovoked Palestinian rocket attack on Israeli soil, that wounded 76 Israeli soldiers.

“Israelissa raketti-isku aiheutti enemmän vammoja kuin koskaan / Rocket attack in Israel causes more wounds than ever”

No mention of it being a “Palestinian” rocket attack, noooooo we can’t have that can we?! This lays to rest once an for all the myth that Qassam rockets are nothing more than a “home made” rocket that rarely inflicts any damage. Swedish SDP chairman Mona Sahlin had a recent scare of her own while she was visiting the Israeli town of S’derot.

The disingenuous use of the headlines betrays the inherent bias, rampant in the Finnish news media. Its high time that it stops. The main story here is the Palestinians’ persistence in initiating acts of war against Israel, with their continued launching of Qassam rockets, though Israel has completely vacated the Gaza strip. Once again, shame on the Helsingin Sanomat. More here on the attack. *L* KGS

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