Middle East Facism

World Discovers Facism in ME, But Only in Israel…….

A video showing racist, violent, bald young men beating up people, as well as giving Nazi hand salutes, is sadly nothing new. But of course it is news when in happens within the Jewish state of Israel, the living memorial to Jews that suffered under the cruel Nazi regime and their sympathisers during WWII.

The eight neo-Nazis involved in the outrageous video are of Russian origin, and are all immigrants to Israel from the former Soviet Union. That they dared to be involved in such racist, anti-Semitic activity in Israel is disturbing as it is idiotic, being only a matter of time before they would become the center of attention and dealt with.

What is of equal interest and outrage, is the international medias virtual news blackout of the Arab world’s ties with Nazism, whose legacy is still with us today. While the news of Israel neo-Nazis is indeed disturbing and frightening, as well as being newsworthy, so to is the Arab’s affinity for Hitler’s dangerous racist ideas as well.

These disturbed men are in need of being educated to the destructiveness of their chosen ideology. There is also the possibility of their being deported back to their home of origin, where the phenomenon of anti-Semitism is on the rise (in both Russia and the Ukraine) .

That said, even though the small fringe of Israeli fascists are either reformed or sent packing, what are we to think of the Nazi inspired Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah and Hamas? What international organizations are willing to not only address, but to take head on the phenomenon of Arab/Muslim anti-Semitism?

Where is the media coverage of that BIG NEWS STORY, which is certainly one of the more under reported phenomenons residing within the Arab/Muslim Middle East? I take pride in knowing that Israel intends to clamp down on such unthinkable behavior, refusing to tolerate such bigotry and violence.

The international community and its media would be doing the world a big favor by pointing out the disturbing truth about Arab fascism, and its ties to Islamist ideology that keeps the ME conflict in an endless, perpetual motion of racist demonization and violence against Jews and Israel. More here. *L* KGS

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