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FIP Spokesman Abdullah Tammi is an Islamist…….

Today was the very first time I had heard the Finnish Islamic Party chairman, Abdullah Tammi, speak in public. He is not the unpolished speaker that others had alledged him to be. The YLE morning show had an interview of the FIP spokesman, as well as political researcher, Villiina Hellsten, from the Helsinki Univeristy.

What was discussed offers an insight into the thinking of both Tammi and his party, as well as how a liberal Finland is set for its eventual downfall (no matter how long it takes) if Finnish politicians seek Hellsten’s advice.

Question: Why does Finland need an Islamic party?

Tammi: You can say that there’s been a call for such a party. There are many issues that have been drawn attention to, which has created a strong need for the platform the FIP represents.

[Supposedly he didn’t seek advice from the other Mosque’s before acting, so the only needs in existence are those he is creating himself]

Question: Needs, who has them and what kind of needs are in question?

Tammi: First of all, it naturally comes from the Finnish Muslim community’s every day necessities that they encounter in life, at home, work, school, etc..

Question: what kind of issues are there?

Tammi: For example, the one of the issue mentioned before, is school curriculum, when it’s being designed, it’s done according to regulations based on laws etc.. It’s been noticed that there is for example, music hour, which goes against Islamic teachings, which means music making and listening isn’t good for us.

We don’t want our children playing or listening to music, being offered instead alternatives like listening to the Qur’an being read through head phones. Support should be given to those teachers who understand these issues, and then there won’t be misunderstandings and hard feelings from one to the other.

[Finnish Tatars have been in Finland for around a hundred years, as far as I know, they have never seen a need to force Finnish schools to accommodate such bizarre beliefs. I guess Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens playing his guitar for Live Earth was a big no no.]

Question: What does this tell you of our society that such a party is necessary?

[Here is why some academics should be spoon fed in a rubber room]

Villiina Hellsten (political researcher, Helsinki University): Well it was rather expected, we have been seeing signs for a long time of a new kind of politics would be showing itself. I mean by new politics, a new political atmosphere that would challenge traditional Left wing-Right wing political share of power, tackling global issues like, Global warming.. the Greens party that brought attention to the environment etc.

What I mean by global issues in this circumstance, is immigration, which means more discussion on immigration related issues which is important in learning what the needs of the immigrants are.

[Hey Hellsten! Did you figure it out yet that its an Islamist party, under the guise of being for immigrants? The fact that all of its members are native Finns should be a big clue for you]

Question: How important is it to have an Islamic party?

Hellsten: When the amount of immigrants increase, its important to discuss about immigrants needs, and when the political discussion divided between the Left and Right, don’t necessarily touch on the needs of the immigrants, a new party is needed to address them.

Especially since recently globalization has brought attention to the issue of democracy, western values and life styles, which are for example in contradiction with Islamic views which has been in the spot light recently, and it important that these new issues are brought to the discussion table through a new party. In other words through parliamentary structures.

[Again, the same buffoonish babbling. IT’S AN ISLAMIST PARTY, under the guise of an immigration party. Just look at all the white Finnish faces in their year book]

Question: What could happen if Finland doesn’t in the future, see any need for an Islamic party?

Hellsten: Above all, a lack of discussion always results in a log jam, which could then result in extreme reactions. In regards to Right wing parties, research shows for an example, that in countries where there are extreme right wing parties, violent actions outside of parliamentarian structures happen less.

In other words, discussion inside parliament allows the release of pressures built up. In other words extreme right wing parties are also welcome in democracy, that it’s able to sustain itself with many different kinds of opinions and exchanges of ideas.

[Holy Moses, she just opened the door for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah and the Hamas. As a good friend of mine says, an “expert is just a licence to violate someones common sense. TINSC]

Question: Do you feel this kind of pressure that Muslims have?

Tammi: Emphatically yes, the pressure is felt, and like the researcher just stated, it’s good that democracy system offers alternatives to us, and allows us to air our needs publicly, in a constructive way. And the democratic system allows the pressures to be released by allowing the issues to be addressed, in that a clash or collision course won’t materialize.

And the FIP intends to be channel this pressure in the correct way, through the democratic system.

[If given the chance, he’ll use it to abuse it, then in 200 years his Islamist offspring will rule it]

Question: How believable of a party are you when the during the registration process you don’t have very many immigrants in your party, when the greater part of Muslims are indeed immigrants?

[The first great question of the interview]

Tammi: First of all, many immigrants don’t know our democratic system, Finnish Muslims are key to the process in getting immigrants aware of our system. Since forming, we have had calls from around Finland asking for more information.

Had enough? The video (in Finnish) is here. I won’t bother with the remaining five minutes worth. When asked about Sharia, Tammi declined to give a as honest answer than the one he gave in the interview with the newspapers last weekend. He now claims not to be an expert in sharia law, so he couldn’t really comment further on it.

It looks like Abdullah Tammi needed only a few days to wizen himself up in the art of taqiyya. If Finland blindly opens itself up to this kind of foolishness, it will never see the end to the constant whining and demanding of more and more “rights”.

Funny that the almost 100 year old Muslim Tatar community never thought it necessary to form a political party. It would be interesting to hear what the Tatars have to say about the party their coreligionists have founded.

That the Tatars are Sufi Muslims as opposed to the Islamist (apparently Whabbaist) Abdullah Tammi and clan, there is most likely a very stiff arm being stretched in their direction. And with good reason. *L* KGS

Note: At the Finland for Thought blog, a Muslim named Rimi claims that Abdullah Tammi didn’t consult with any of the mosques in Finland before starting on his quest to launch an Islamic political party, he also downplays his role in the Muslim community, while claiming that the majority of Muslims in Finland are apathetic to the agenda Tammi is promoting.

I, posted in 69#, That I commend the guy for his positions, believing that I might have a modernist Muslim to discuss the issue with. I then simply asked “where do you stand on criticizing Islam and its prophet. Are some values and value systems …above reproach, scorn and ridicule?

Rimi: “Are you the bigot that runs Tundra Tabloids? If so, you are not looking for any dialog and I will not waste my time. Anything I say you will construe as Tuqya (a distinct Shia’ doctrine) anyway, so whats the point?”

It’s going to be a very difficult time to get mainstream Muslims out from behind “fortress Islam”. If they want to join democratic society and be an equal player (without making society conform to their values and value system, Islam) they have to be willing to engage in the free exchange of ideas and opinions.

If Rimi is the typical “moderate” Muslim one can expect to deal with, then they are further off the “debate radar screen” than I earlier imagined. Check out from 69# all the way to comment 76# The guy is a real piece of work.

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  1. It was a very revealing discussion at FFT. It basically shows that you cannot be a ‘true’ muslim and not want sharia at the same time. It also shows where the so called moderate muslims stand when it comes to liberal democracy.

    Muslim reformists (who are not the same lot as Ibn Warraq or Ayaan Hirsi Ali) recognize that there really is a need for reform in islam to eliminate the violent and intolerant aspects from the religion and keep the private faith and morals. However, these people are such a small minority that one wonders if they exist at all.

    Abdullah Tammi is, of course, an islamist but he is mostly harmless because he has only a handful of ‘reverts’ to back him up. I think the media have given him generous publicity just out of curiosity. Tammi is a white male, which makes him ‘ungood’ for the lefty-liberal elite.

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