Norway Terrorism

Norway Indicts Three Jihadis of Their Own…….

Three men were indicted in Norway for their role in planning to blow up both the US and Israeli embassies in Oslo. As I remember, they were also planning to decapitate the former Israeli ambassador to Finland, Miriam Shomrat.

OSLO, Norway: Three men have been indicted on charges connected with an attack on an Oslo synagogue or plotting to attack the U.S. or Israeli embassies in the Norwegian capital, the national prosecutor said Tuesday.

Arfan Bhatti, 30, was indicted on charges of firing gunshots at Norway’s main synagogue in September 2006, for conspiring to commit a terror attack on the embassies and on other unrelated charges.

Andreas Bog Kristiansen, 27, was indicted with Bhatti on charges of plotting to use explosives or weapons to attack the U.S. or Israeli embassies, and conspiring to commit armed robbery. Ibrahim Oezbabacan, 29, was indicted, with Bhatti, for either firing or being an accomplice to 13 shots being fired at the Oslo synagogue.

So, it looks like the Norwegians have a “revert” (Christian or Jew convert to Islam) in the group of jihadis, Finland has one (as far as we know) as well. I can’t find the article, but I know for a fact that during the same time period, Norwegians living in the vicinity of the Israeli embassy were complaining about the size of its security fence.

Hmmm, less security means more chances of a successful terrorist attack. It would appear that some Norwegians could care less about Israeli security, in Israel or in Norway. More here. *L* KGS

Note: If anyone comes across that Aftenposten article, please send me the link.

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  1. It could also have nothing to do with Israeli security itself. Since most people do not understand how muslims really think about Israel and jews, they see no reason for those annoying and needless (that’s how those security measures are seen) things like security wall.

    In Helsinki it was rather annoying (back in the day when the Israeli embassy was still at Vironkatu) when the embassy security forces entered buildings which had nothing to do with embassy and followed people around. Asking (or demanding) passersby on the street to show ID cards is not what I would say is exactly making common people love the embassy security.

    And the peeping through windows into cars and apartments is not nice, either. Of course in one occasion where this happened to a van with tinted windows there was good reason for it since YLE camera crew van is suspicious when taking into account the attitude of YLE…

    Anyway, it’s very frightening that some maniacs convert to islam and then proceed to fight jihad. Though naturally that is what islam would demand of them. But that aspect of islam is not something anybody would see in the newspapers, now is it?

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