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When Finnish Immigration Policies Gets it Wrong…….

The story of Iranian-Kurdish asylum seeker, Naze Aghai, symbolizes the need for western governments to distance themselves from states that practice barbaric, intolerant, religious and political ideologies. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the Palestinian Authority and Gazastan, are just some of the examples of such states and political entities, with whom all contact and agreements, should be based upon their human rights conditions.

Naze Aghai, who found refuge within the Finnish Lutheran Church, has since then, had her case rejected, being determined by the Finnish Directorate of Immigration, as not having valid claims for refugee status. She insists that if she is returned to Iran, her life will be in danger.

“Aghai claims to have left her homeland following persecution, torture and an arranged marriage. She says she fears maltreatment in her native Iran, especially because of her Kurdish political links and background.”

Aghai recently stated in a YLE TV news report that: “everybody knows that Iran is terrorist, fascist state, women’s rights are trampled on, etc.” Apparently, Finnish immigration authorities are reluctant to admit as much, otherwise, her trip to Iran two years ago would not be much of a factor, knowing full well what happens to women in Muslim countries if they become TOO westernized.

Interesteningly enough, The Helsingin Sanomat has an op-ed in today’s edition of the paper(subscription only), that speaks exactly about this incident in question. Omar Bahaaldin, president of the Finnish branch of the International Iraq Refugee Federation, states the following:

“Ulkomaalaisvirasto pitää ilmeisesti Irania turvallisena maana, myös naisille. Me emme tiedä, millaisten tietolähteiden varassa UVI tekee päätöksiään. Kuitenkin vuoden 2006 aikana Iranin poliisi ja turvallisuusjoukot pidättivät 977 000 naista “sopimattoman pukeutumisen” vuoksi. Heistä edelleen 4 740 on vangittuna.”

Translation: The Directorate of Immigration obviously deems Iran to be a safe country, also for women. We don’t know what sources were used by the UVI in their decision making. However in 2006, Iraian police and security forces have arrested 977 000 women “for being improperly dressed”. Of that number 4 740 are still in jail.”

“Iranissa teloitetaan jatkuvasti ihmisiä, esimerkiksi jos he ovat osallistuneet kiellettyjen julkaisujen tekemiseen tai mielenosoituksiin. Pelkästään elokuussa 2007 teloitettiin 31 ihmistä ja 33 odottaa teloitustaan. Viime vuosina 548 lehteä ja julkaisua on kielletty poliittisin perustein. Iranin lainsäädännön mukaan miehellä on oikeus määrätä naisen asemasta avioliitossa ja hänellä on oikeus samanaikaisesti neljään vaimoon. ”

Translation: People are continually being executed in Iran, for example, if they have participated in forbidden declarations or demonstrations. In August 2007 alone, 31 people were executed with 33 more awaiting execution. Last year 548 papers and publications were forbidden for political reasons. According to Iranian legislation, men have the right to determine women’s status in marriage, and at the same time having the right to four wives.”

“Iranissa ei ole uskonnonvapautta eikä varsinkaan vapautta julkisesti esittää ateistisia näkemyksiä tai toimia maallisessa poliittisessa järjestössä. Käännytystä yli kaiken pelkäävän ihmisen käännyttäminen on epäinhimillistä. Se voi johtaa kuolemaan ennen palautusta. Euroopassa on useita tapauksia, joissa epätoivoinen turvapaikanhakija on tehnyt itsemurhan ennen käännytystään.”

Translation: There is no freedom of religion in Iran, nor especially any freedom to voice atheistic views or work in secular organizations. Deporting a women who fears above all else, deportation, is inhumane. It could lead to death before deportation. There are many incidents in Europe, in which desperate asylum seekers have commited suicide before their dportation.”

I believe that Mr.Baaldin has correctly defined the type of barbaric state in question, and the Finnish authorities would be well advised to take into consideration the plight of this women, and reconsider their decision. This kind of incident forces to the surface in a very public way, what those of us who follow these situations in the Middle East have known for a very long time.

The Muslim Middle East is full of states that harbor ancient, backward notions of morality, and it’s up to the West to take them to task about it, in every which way they can. This is one more reason for the EU to turn its back on its Eurabian policies, that continually forces it to turn a blind eye to the barbarism and backwardness that Islam creates in these societies. What they do there, reflects greatly on what they’ll do here…..if given the chance.

The only note of worry that I have, is that this case might be used by those multiculturalists who want to flood any or all immigrants into Finland, regardless of whether or not they are really suitable for a western, secular/liberal/pluralistic democracy. *L* KGS

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