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Saudi Religious Police Get Crash Course in Ethics…….

“Over 40 senior members of the autonomous force, which clerics see as central to Saudi Arabia’s Islamic state, attended the three-day course in a Riyadh hotel to hear about where the limits of their authority lie in Saudi law.

Two Saudis have died in the custody of the ‘Committee for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice’ this year, prompting calls by liberals in the Saudi press for it to be disbanded.

“If you don’t follow the procedures it could invalidate the investigation (you are undertaking) or lead to questioning and trial,” trainer Faisal al-Yousef told attendees, adding that Prophet Muhammad always thoroughly investigated cases.

Oh, I get it. Mohamed first relied on his great investigational powers as a detective, right before he showed his skills in jurisprudence as a judge, right before he excercized his role as executioner, in his call for his followers to murder the already guilty and condemned opposition.

Here is what an ex-pat Saudi man living in Britian had to say about the Saudi Virtue Commission:

“The “virtue commission”, if you hadn’t figured it out, is the Religious Police. A complete misnomer, of course. Makes them sound like a group of choirboys. The reality is that they are the no-hopers, the social misfits, the failed Imams, the men who will never be married even though we have a surplus of eligible unmarried women. Ugly in looks, ugly in nature, ugly in behavior. If the Saudi gene pool had a pool boy, they’d have been sucked out with the dead insects and rotting leaves, and emptied down the drain long ago.”

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