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Egyptian Film Star Pleads Ignorance Over Israeli Actor…….

Egyptian film star, Amr Waked, has fallen from grace in the eyes of his actor’s union for appearing in a BBC drama in which (gasp!), an Israeli was included amongst the cast (Please be reminded that Egypt is supposedly at peace with the Jewish state.)

According to the article, Waked had played alongside US actor, George Clooney, in the film (which I haven’t seen and need not to) Syriana, and

“defended his position, telling several Egyptian papers he did not know an Israeli was involved until after he signed the contract.”

It’s obvious that it never once crossed his mind the ethnic bigotry involved in his thinking. I can than safely assume that, once a bigot is always a bigot, and that he would turn down the role of playing a Christian or (shocka!) the role of a Jew. Omar Sharif had no time for such nonsense, but then it did earn him a fatwa for his portrayal of St.Peter.

For the Islamist supremacists, the only role suitable for the now retired Omar Sharif was the role of a Muslim (featured right). Let’s face facts, the wide spread misogyny, racism, bigotry and religious apartheid practiced throughout the Arab/Muslim world is what keeps these people holed up in backwardness.

It is no wonder then that Jews, Muslims and Christians living in modern societies find no problem acting either with each other, or playing the roles of people who belong to different faiths. Worth noting, the role for the Israeli actor in the BBC drama was none other than Saddam Hussein. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. As you say on your sidebar, the Islamic religion in its purest political form is totalitarian in nature. There’s nothing wrong with passion for your belief but there’s certainly something wrong with issuing fatwas and trying to force others to conform to what you believe to be right.

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