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Palestinian Cops Save Israeli soldier’s Life…….

I had to dust off ol’ squeaky for this one. An IDF soldier wandered into the heart of Jenin, only to be met with hail of rocks, bottles and thundering cries of “kill him”. A couple Palestinian cops who happened to be in the vicinity scooped up the hapless soldier and whisked him away to a police station. But …the chief reason for his rescue is revealed further into the article:

“They would have killed him. It would have led to war,” said Hisham Samerouh, an officer with the Palestinian Authority’s preventative security division who helped return the Israeli officer. “That’s the reason we did our best possible to get him out of the city.”

In other words, it wasn’t out of moral considerations that they saved the man, but that they feared an outbreak of hostilities similar to what happened last year with the Hezbollah. So according to sound reason and logic, if no such fear existed, they would have let the man be lynched by the mob, or even participate themselves. It would have resembled the 2000 lynching in Ramallah of the two IDF soldiers torn to pieces in a police station, then dumped out of the second story window to be trampled on by the raging Palestinian mob below.

In any event, since the soldier was indeed rescued, –regardless of the reasons– the flying pig is up with sprouted wings. *L* KGS

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