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IDF: Launch Sites Are War Zones…….

Here is an article that expresses both the frustration and the stark reality of trying to defend a population from terror, against an enemy that disregards its responsibilities under international law. Yesterday saw three children being killed in Gaza as they stood in the near vicinity of five Qassem rockets being prepared for launching.

In my opinion, the normal logical question that arises from such a scenario, is why were these children even allowed to be in the area where weapons were going to be fired? Sadly, the answer to that question is the obvious, the Palestinians often encourage their youth to be witnesses to these launchings, for whatever reasons they see fit. It goes to show the lack of morality these terrorists possess towards their own civilian population, in not safeguarding their people from Israeli preventive measures that will most certainly come as a result of their terrorist activity.

An Israeli military source tells Ynet that:

“The fact that Palestinian civilians, especially children, are killed, is unfortunate, does not serve our interests and does not promote a solution to the terror problem,” […] Nonetheless, the source stressed that “the army makes every effort – sometimes beyond proportion – so as not to hurt civilians, but the terror organizations are using all means at their disposal. A Qassam launcher area is a battle zone, it is their territory, and they should make sure that no child or youth approaches the area.”

“More than once we preferred not to carry out this type of attack so as not to harm civilians. Nothing is certain here, if Palestinian civilians are identified, we hold fire, but this is not always possible,” “In cases where we don’t fire, the IDF is taking a real risk, because minutes later, a child from Sderot could be injured from a Palestinian attack from that same exact point.”

Sadly this scenario is repeated time and again, solely due to Paletinian terrorist aggression that aims to inflict murder and mayhem upon Israeli civilians, as well as their lack of concern for their own civilian population. The Palestinians are solely to blame for any deaths and injuries that may occur due to their terrorist activity, on both sides of the fence. More here. *L* KGS

UPDATE: An IDF spokesman announcement:

As part of the ongoing IDF defensive activity to protect Israeli civilians from terror threats this afternoon, the IDF targeted several Qassam launchers in the Beit Hanun industrial area, which were placed by Palestinian terrorists and aimed at Israel. Several Palestinians were identified handling the launchers at the time.

This area is often used to fire Qassam rockets at Israel.

The IDF received claims that the Palestinians handling the launchers were teenagers. The IDF wishes to express sorrow for the cynical use the terror organizations make of the active participation of teenagers in terror attacks.

Close to 300 Qassam rockets and mortar shells were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip during the past month.

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